People Have Been Tricked Into Being Racist! Let’s Chat😊

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How are you doing? Are you feeling alright? Me, I’m feeling full of love this morning.😊 Okay, now, let’s talk. Now depending on who you are, you could find this post offensive. But, most of you I hope will understand. For those of you who are racist, I am here to tell you that you have been tricked. See, racism is based off of superiority. You believe that your race is better than everyone else. This is quite the illusion. But, it’s an illusion that has been easily accepted and digested because a lot of us love and need an ego boost! We love to feel important. Looking down on others often give us a boost. We literally knock down others to use them as a stepping stools to lift ourselves up/ ego! This is a horrible source of self-esteem.

White supremacist do just that! They teach others to hate everyone else to love themselves. They teach you to bully innocent people for your own egotistical satisfaction. They also numb your heart and morals by justifying such actions with stereotyping. If you can trick the masses with the illusion of fear and hate, no one will feel guilty for acting so viciously. We are often taught that blacks are thugs and savages, and Muslims are all terrorists. And the media shows you such!

Lil wayne used for propagating
What the media shows!
what the media show

They use celebrities as a way to teach the masses about what the behavior or mentality of “ALL” African Americans is. And they have succeeded in tricking you! They’ve been tricking you since the beginning!

images (1)
To create fear and false image.

The media refuse to shower the masses with this.

Black family intact!
Muslim prayers Washington National Cathedral (2)
Muslims in church.

And yes, some people in the black community has conformed to the stereotypical trick; especially our youth. Some African-americans have been tricked into looking up to these celebrities and thugs. And blacks that conform to the trick just make other races feel that the stereotype is indeed true. So, it’s a tragic thing all around for all parties that are involved! The problem also is that the media doesn’t reveal the thuggery in white supremacy! The horror and terror!

Victims of hate. These men were someone’s father, brother, uncle etc.
People who have been tricked into terror groups.

Whites are also being tricked into the tradition of being a thug.

Look like any depicted image of black thugs. You whites too have been fooled into joining the thug lifestyle!

And the white youth is seeing this too. And now us African-Americans are being tricked into seeing “ALL” whites as racist and thugs! Did you know that the media is using cops to confirm the stereotype of ALL whites being violent monsters? !

Western revival

Both parties are being made to look like ferocious monsters! And now we are divided and conquered indeed. We have to speak out on violent behavior and propaganda! regardless of race!  The media is making the human race appear as savages period! When deep inside we all are a source of Gods love. We all desire to love and to be loved.

I will let you digest this information first. I will have a part 2 later! It was nice chatting! Bye!👋


Always reach for the stars!💃⭐

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Can a Man Buy You Lavish Gifts Without Expecting Relations in Return?

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Now that everything is cozy, let’s chat! I was watching a lady on YouTube that I’ve watched for years, and she was talking about how everyone envies her relationship with her guy friend. She named him Mr. Malibu! She says that he works in the entertainment business and he is well off/ rich. She met him on YouTube 4 or 5 years ago, and they’ve  been friends ever since. She says that he has bought her expensive purses, clothes, always send her checks, and always take her out to lavish dinners and concerts! He even bought her an expensive car for Christmas. She has shown these occasions on YouTube videos. But she never show him. You only hear his voice.

She says that she never show his face because she doesn’t want to reveal his personal business considering he’s in the entertainment industry! She says that she has lost women and guy friends because of jealousy and the disbelief that despite the fact that he financially spoils her, he never tried to sleep with her. Never even hinted. She say everyone swares that it’s not possible for a guy to spoil a woman so lavishly without a cost.


But that’s not him. He says that they are strictly friends, and he enjoys just being there for her. She says that he finds it an insult to try and repay him in any way. He refuses to even let her try and give him his money back. She says that neither of them ever desires to be more than friends, and they both love the relationship as is.

So, what do I think? I don’t know. I firstly have to say it’s really nobodies business if they are intimate or not!😁  But, I do find the scenario interesting and refreshing. I think it’s wonderful for a guy or girl to befriend someone and show them love. Too often we expect so much from each other. I personally would give a lot of gifts to a friend too if I had it to give. Just because!But most guys I’ve talked to or my husband has talked to always said they wanted something in return for their generosity. Some just for buying her a dinner! 😦 Anyway, I really don’t know why it’s so hard for people to believe. But, I have to admit that I fear one day he’ll ask her for more than she bargained for. And after spending literally thousands on her, I’m not sure he’ll take no for an answer. Like what if he ask for a kidney or something? Anyway, what do you ladies and gentlemen think? Is such generosity possible?😕 Thanks for stopping by👋.


Always reach for the stars!⭐💃

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Rocks in the ears , they pulled out about 5 Little Rock’s in one of my kids ear.

Fishing worm( no hook on it) up the nose

Lots of ear infection 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 before or after the rocks in the ears

Concussion’s ……… my football 🏈 players ( all 3 played football ) had a few. Hoping we still have all our brain cells , we definitely need them 😆

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The CEO of Papa John’s Pizza is Hilarious and Not So Smart! 😄

Let’s go out for lunch! It’s on me! I love good pizza along with great conversation😄.


Speaking of pizza, we’re not eating Papa John’s Pizza! 🍕 Did you know that the CEO of the pizza joint says that the taking the knee protest is hurting his business? Read his statement:

“The NFL leadership has hurt Papa John’s shareholders,” CEO John Schnatter said during an analyst call on Wednesday. “The NFL has been a long and valued partner over the years. But we’re certainly disappointed that the NFL and its leadership did not resolve the ongoing situation to the satisfaction of all parties long ago. This should’ve been nipped in the bud a year and half ago.”

So because of this, he made suggestions to withdraw sponsoring. But what I am about to show you is what makes me laugh!

Papa Johns has told racists not to eat its food, after a neo-Nazi website claimed the pizza chain was the official pie of the alt-right.

The Daily Stormer posted a picture of a swastika pizza after the CEO of official NFL sponsor Papa Johns blamed his company’s recent losses on players kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality.

This is hilarious! Hahahaha!😄 Despite the fact that I’m against what the CEO has said about his sales, I can’t help but to find his stupidity hilarious!😄 If you’re a big business owner, why would you be stupid enough to open your big mouth!!! Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars was smart enough to stay out of it. Now don’t get me wrong, I agree with freedom of speech. I just find the consequences of using it to be entertaining!

This is pretty much how hard I’m laughing!

Now because he wanted to Strut his big mouth, and because of his arrogance, he drawed the attention of the wrong crowd. It’s not what he expected! 😊 Now he has to defend the image of his brand! Not to mention that the African-American community is going to think twice about eating his pizza! I know I am. I think I’ll stick to Pizza Hut. They played it smart and I love the buttery crust too!😁

Now the idiot has to choose a side! Does he agree with discrimination or not? Or is it that as long as his pockets are full, he’s fine? Lol!😁 And They wait for the answer!


I enjoyed the chat! Bye! See you later!👋


Betcha didn’t know!😄

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Will I Ever Make Up My Mind About My Blog? And Ice Cream Attack!😰

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I personally don’t like hot coffee, I only drink iced coffee. But, it’s cold outside, so I must at least offer you some hot coffee.😊 Now that we’re cozy, let’s talk. I can not make up my mind about my blogging ventures. Let me tell you how much so! First I had a mom blog, then a short fact blog, then an encouragement blog, then a blogging tips blog, then a religious blog, then a self-help blog, then lastly coaching! Yes, I know!

I swore that life coaching was for me! So, I jumped right in. I erased Betcha and tried to dedicate myself to life coaching. And I did Strut my knowledge! Some of you called me little miss know it all!😄 And………it was fun until I got bored! Which was within a few days!😄 So, I changed it back to Betcha! I just can’t stick to one idea. I’m a blogger trying to find her niche. And……I just don’t have one.😒 Yes, I lost a lot of readers and follows with the jump, but here on WordPress, eventually you’ll learn numbers hold no value; especially on a hobby blog. So I have room to step on toes!😄

Now to the ice cream attack!😰 I just woke up from this dream! Yes, a dream! I know some of you was hoping for a true story. But it was real to me as I slept! I remember asking for ice cream, and the vendor nicely handed it to me. But things changed quick!  In the background there was some teenagers working in the back! It looked liked a family business because they all resembled each other. Next thing I know, one of them yelled, “you didn’t pay!” I was startled because I swore I did! I remembered pulling out a dollar. So I became angry because I felt they were trying to cheat me!

But I didn’t put up a fight! They all started screaming and threatening me!😱


So I started digging in my coin purse quick. But they didn’t want change, they wanted my five dollar bill! Luckily they didn’t want my twenty.😣 Once they got what they wanted, they began to quiet down. But they practically chased me away!  So I remember  running to get home! 😄 Crazy right?! Lol! Well….let me let you go. We’ll probably meet up later. I need to also make time to talk with my other neighbors and leave comments! Bye!👋


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Should YouTubers Get Paid? Let’s chat!

Pull up a chair, lets chat.


Have a slice of pie too! If you knew me, you would know I love to bake, so I always have something baked to offer!😄 Yes, I changed my blog! This was my old blog that I started to miss dearly. I invested a year into Betcha didn’t know!. And yes, I lost most of my followers changing back and forth, but, numbers mean nothing to me. It’s a hobby blog, so life goes on! But, don’t worry, I still have some life coaching advice! But I don’t have the patience to be strictly a coach; especially since it’s free. Speaking of free, should youtubers get paid for what they do? I’ve heard people talk about how youtubers shouldn’t get paid. And asking for donations is just distasteful to some!   People that give reviews, news, or  commentary are getting left hanging. And if you are a vlogger, you are really shun for expecting add revenue or donations!

I just feel awful about what’s going on with the ads on YouTube. Youtubers are getting their add revenue taken bit by bit. For things like copyright, language, and speech. Now that they are not getting paid by advertisers, they now need donations from us viewers. And viewers are now giving backlash. They say that youtubers shouldn’t expect to get paid. And Youtubers are not getting the Patreon donations they expected. So now some are even begging.

I mean, I would donate to my favorite Youtuber. But the only problem I have is that donations add up. If I donate a dollar here, two there, five over here, that will eventually add up to a cable bill. So, YouTube has put us viewers in a tight spot! Some of these youtubers made their channel their career. I feel just awful. I think that if YouTube didn’t start out free for us viewers, donating would be no problem. But, people are already spoiled with free content. Everyone is used to advertisers covering cost. What do you think? Should youtubers be getting paid anyway? Should they never made it a career choice? Should Youtube be only for hobby? I’d like to hear your opinion! Nice chatting with you! Bye! Don’t be a stranger!


Betcha didn’t know!😁

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